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At our initial Ayurvedic consultation you will be asked questions about your diet, lifestyle, and history of symptoms. The current medication you are taking is important in our assessment.  We also emphasize on appetite and digestion. We will provide you with a complete health assessment using both modern diagnostic tools and traditional Ayurvedic tools such as pulse analysis, tongue analysis and iridology (analysis of the characteristics of the iris that relate to health). At the end of the consultation we will offer suggestions on diet, nutrition, yoga practices, meditation and supplements such as Ashwagandha, Giloy, Neem etc. that are best suited to your body type. In this way, we treat and prevent disease as well as maintain a healthy body and mind.

Weight Reduction Programme

Have you tried every weight loss program available and are on the verge of giving up? This can be because your diet does not suite your body type. Trying to reduce weight that is not in accordance with your Ayurvedic constitution (vata, pitta or kappa) can result in no weight loss or severe imbalances that manifest as disease.

At Prana Wellness we have put together a natural weight reduction program that is tailor made according to your constitution. The cleansing program lasts 4 days, after which we design a brand new diet based on how much weight you have reduced during the detox as well as how efficient your metabolism is. We also prescribe yoga asanas for weight reduction that suits your body type so that the entire program becomes an effective holistic experience.

Detox Therapy

Over the years, impurities from food, medicines and stress accumulate in the body and prevent optimal functioning of our organs and the thinking faculties. Pancha Karma is the process used to release impurities at a cellular level. It takes 7 days to perform and includes daily massages, enemas, nasal therapies and purgation. The end results are weight loss, improved digestion, breathing and thinking. Patients have experienced incredible benefits following this 7 day treatment. Our pancha karma treatments are also outsourced to a beachside resort in Kerala, India by request. The therapeutic benefits of the ocean breeze as well as the lush, green tranquil surroundings have proved very conducive to the healing of body and mind.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s life. To be able to carry another life and nurture it both physically and emotionally is one of nature’s prized gifts to all women.
At Prana Wellness we acknowledge that this is a wonderful experience for every mum to be. We prescribe a treatment plan from pre pregnancy right up to post-natal care. We believe that a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy pregnancy produces a healthy baby. When the new mum  is in balance then post natal illnesses, for example fatigue, anaemia and depression are avoided. Mum is then able to enjoy the experience of delivery and post delivery because she has been nourished with her tailor made pregnancy regime from Prana Wellness.

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation and yoga exercises are prescribed at the consultation according to the imbalances present in the body and the mind. They both offer well documented benefits for reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation is known to reduce stress and improve memory and brain power. It has had remarkable effects on depression in adults and hyperactivity in children.  Yoga is a popular science that treats both the body and mind. It is known to increase muscle strength and tone, improve cardio and circulatory health, energy and vitality. It also maintains a balanced metabolism and in this way helps in weight reduction. At Prana Wellness we know that yoga is specific to every individual. That is why we tailor make yoga regimes to suite your dosha.

Ayurvedic Massage

Energy-boosting, full body massages with warm oil act as a powerful recharger and rejuvenator of both body and mind. It can reduce stress, boost immunity and improve circulation. We offer relaxation massage as well as therapeutic massage. Specific oils are used for each of these treatments and the techniques will vary according to patients’ health condition and body type.

Ayurvedic Facials involve cleansing, toning and a rejuvenating marma points (energy points) facial massage that targets the energy points on the face. This is an anti-aging and rejuvenative treatment.  All products used are 100% natural and include aloe vera gel, milk, rose water, sandalwood and essential oils. Skin is left clean, bright and refreshed.

Pain Therapy

Electrical impulses are used to treat pain. A tiny electronic device sends out electrical impulses, via pressure point pads. As the massager is applied on the body, regular movement of relevant muscle groups will bring about the therapeutic effect of an actual manual massage. Impulses can be adjusted to the desired frequency and intensity depending on the condition of the patient. It is a non-invasive therapy that targets nerves and muscles. It has successfully treated sciatica, frozen shoulder and sports injuries. It has also been used to treat insomnia. Optimal benefits are experienced when the pain therapy is done over 5 consecutive days or every second day for 10 days.

Female Health

We strongly believe that a woman is the heart of the home. That is why we strive to help women achieve excellent health. We have successfully treated infertility, menopause, PCOS and oligomenorrhoea (irregular periods) to mention but a few.

Hormones are an integral part of a woman’s mental and physical health. A slight shift in hormonal balance can have detrimental effects on our physical and emotional health. At Prana Wellness we look at the root cause of hormonal imbalances. Accordingly, we prescribe detox therapies, nutritional plans, pranayama, yoga, meditation and very potent Ayurvedic herbs to restore balance. We also prescribe Ayurvedic therapies like full body massage, head massage, nasal therapy and marma point massage. These therapies facilitate the journey back to radiant health.

Nasal Therapy

Nasal Therapy (Nasyam) is a treatment involving dropping of warm medicated oils into the nose over 5 to 7 days. We start with a facial steam followed by a facial massage. The oils are dropped into each of the nostrils and we end with an invigorating facial massage.  This  accelerates the movement of the oil into the affected areas. We start with 3 to 5 drops and increase in increments of two. The treatment has shown remarkable results in the treatment of hay fever and sinus. It is also recommended to improve memory and weak eyesight as well as reduce migraine and acne. Latest research has shown positive outcomes in using Nasyam in the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Our Services Frequently Asked Questions

The primary benefit of Pancha karma is loss of weight, improved digestion and metabolism, healthier skin and hair and improved immunity.

It may range between 3 to 5 days.

Yes, definitely. The weight loss is between 3 to 5 kg on average.

Yes, you can work for 3 of the 4 days or for 5 or the 6 days.

Yes it is. Your food is provided by us based on your body type and health condition.

The recommended diet after a consultation will always be based on your normal diet (vegetarian or non vegetarian). We may add a few healthy foods or remove certain foods that aggravate the condition.

You start the diet tailor made by us in order to accelerate further weight loss. Also we always prescribe supplements that guarantee the maintenance of the reduced weight.

Products are chosen according to your skin type. We use natural ingredients like milk, rose petal essence, fresh aloe gel, fresh turmeric, ground sandalwood paste, organic yogurt and organic essential oils.
We offer 1 to 1 or group sittings.
The oil used in nasal therapies is made up of 21 different plant oils. Each of these oils open the channels within the sinal passages, reducing inflammation and infection. Breathing is easier and allergic reactions are reduced.
Ayurvedic supplements have side benefits, not side effects. Many of our supplements will have side benefits such as normalising blood pressure, heart rate, digestion etc.
We ensure that all our supplements are sourced from the best suppliers. We always ensure that they have Certificates of Analysis with every batch delivered.

Our Mission and Values

What makes us different

At Prana Wellness it has always been our mission to manage diseases of known and unknown aetiology.

We work with other Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals to scientifically validate our treatment efficacy and publish results in reputed journals.

We hope to integrate classical Ayurveda with latest scientific and technological advance.

Being a member of the Ayurvedic Parliamentary Committee we are striving to become part of the National Health System.

Meet the Ayurvedic Practitioner at Prana Wellness

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Dr Vani Moodley

Qualified Practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine

Hello and welcome to Prana Wellness! I began as a research scientist and later studied a 5 year degree in Ayurvedic Medicine from Middlesex University, London. I have also had internships at two leading Ayurvedic hospitals in India, Deenanath Mangeshkar in Pune and AVP Hospital, Coimbatore. I have also completed a PhD research on Pancha Karma. I have over 10 years of experience in diagnostics and treatment of various health conditions and have had the good fortune of writing articles for UK magazines and the press.

I am very passionate about Ayurveda and give my best to my patients to ensure their health and well being.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Hi Doctor Vani, just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to Ayurveda. I came down with covid a few weeks ago, and remembering your advice used Ayurvedic at home remedies throughout,  and cooked kitchari with the recipe you gave me. Kept feeling like the virus was starting to go into my bronchs several times but then I kept fighting it off, no doubt with the help of the remedies and food. Finally symptom free and out of isolation so just wanted to say thanks for your wisdom.

D. G - Leighton Buzzard COVID

I visited Prana Wellness after having tried for seven years to conceive. I was given supplements for 3 months and on the 4th month I confirmed my pregnancy. Consultation was very professional and supplements were simple to take. Within a year I had another baby. Ayurveda had made me super fertile!!


I visited Prana Wellness with a severe back problem which needed surgery. With simple Ayurvedic treatments I avoided surgery and have not had any problems since.

Sweta M. - Milton Keynes  ORTHOPAEDIC PATIENT

Vani met me as an Ayurvedic Practitioner to treat a rare form of neuropathy. But in the last few years she has not only helped in curing it but also grown to become a wonderful friend and a family member. Her caring attitude and attention to detail to always ensure the best care for her patients stands true to the best traditions of Ayurveda. We have been truly blessed to have known her and through her get access to a successful treatment regimen for my ailment.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavours!


Ayurvedic medicine has had a positive and great impact on my blood pressure which I couldn't get from the medicine prescribed by my doctors. My readings are normal now, and my resting heart rate has also come down.


I have suffered from acne as a teenager and all through my adulthood and this is the first time I have received Ayurvedic Treatment. Within a month I noticed a differencewith my skin. It has now been just over three months and the acne has cleared up leaving my skin a lot clearer and softer. My self-esteem and confidence has grown and I feel so much happier within myself. I strongly recommend Prana Wellness.Thank you so much Vani for all your support and advice.


I was desperately unwell with Gynae problems. I had a big fibroid on my uterus and irregular, painful menstrual cycles. I had been struggling for almost a year where my GP or NHS consultant gave me very little support in terms of medicine or care. My symptoms were nausea, vertigo, migraines, foggy mind and felt lethargic. The depression followed when I couldn't drive, cycle, swim, practice yoga - my work was severely disrupted with long term sickness. Dr Vani recognized my symptoms, checked my pulse, my BP, (even my tongue) she made an intuitive diagnosis of my 'dosha', what remedy I needed and how to treat the problems 4 weeks on now; nausea, vertigo, migraines - GONE. I can drive, swim, hike, and do yoga again. I am SO grateful for your help Dr. Vani. Really feel indebted to you for your help. You helped me far quicker, with compassion, and care beyond what I ever received or imagined. THANK YOU so MUCH!!


After struggling with some personal issues emotionally and unexplained weight gain a friend suggested looking at Ayurvedic. I did some research and found the Prana Wellness centre had some excellent reviews. Following my consultation and treatment I feel more balanced and have my weight under control. I would highly recommend the Prana Wellness centre.

B.S. - Milton Keynes WEIGHT CONTROL

Dr Vani takes a modern approach to Ayurveda. Her advice is suitable for 21st century living. Thanks to treatment recommended by her I have been able to completely restore liver function which has now been confirmed by an NHS specialist scan. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone with health problems.

Ravinder Singh - Milton Keynes LIVER PATIENT

I was told I had 7 ulcers on my small bowel . Dr Vani prescribed some medication and when further tests were done after a month, there were 4 ulcers left , just of the size of a pin prick ! Fantastic results! Many thank Doctor Vani.

M.M. - Northampton ULCER PATIENT

I have been diagnosed with Graves’ disease in January this year. The initial treatment with anti-thyroid drugs resulted in a relapse within 3 weeks. It was then that I decided to contact Dr Vani for her support in selecting Ayurvedic treatment to accompany mainstream drugs. I have just been given my newest set of results and my antibodies count (determinant of risk of relapse in Graves) has fallen significantly since I included Ayurvedic medication - it seems I am now extremely near remission which would mean the disease becomes dormant. The true power of plant based natural medicine is unmeasurable!


Had treatment today. Highly recommend if you are looking for alternatives to pain killers.

Kelly Eagles - Milton Keynes BACK PATIENT

I have never tried Ayurvedic medicine before but the results achieved with Dr Vani are so far very impressive. She expertly chose right supplements for my menopause problems and I feel so much better now. She is very patient and thorough during her consultations; and an absolutely lovely person to speak to!


I sought out Dr Vani for help with menorrhagia, low progesterone levels and dealing with side effects following a removal of the Mirena IUD. When I first saw Dr Vani, I was chronically fatigued, having mood swings, low energy, and dealing with anaemia, and in general I did not feel like my usual self. After the consultation, she suggested a detox therapy (pancha karma). The day after I completed pancha karma, I felt an incredible sense of renewal, more energised and more harmonious than I remember feeling in a long while. I also had a significant improvement with menorrhagia, and hormonal imbalance. Moreover, my cravings for unhealthy foods disappeared. I have a sweet tooth, and if anyone told me I would be turning down chocolates, I would not believe that, but that is what happened. 


Last Nov 2018 we were told our 12 year old had a thyroid problem and was put on thyroid meds this was a shock & after reading about the side effects of the meds I just could not bring myself to start these until I'd tried alternative meds this is when we found Dr Vani, who saw our child immediately Dr Vani  was very patient and very understanding she gave herbal instructions for us to follow which we did for Approx 6 weeks then our 12 year old had a blood test we just recently found out that the thyroid levels have already began to become within range we are very pleased with this and feel very blessed that we found Dr Vani.

B.S. - Milton Keynes THYROID PATIENT

Was involved in a car accident and had backlash that left my entire back and legs in severe pain. I arrived at Dr Vani’s clinic severely debilitated and unable to walk. After a few sessions on the EMS back machine I am walking unaided and don’t take any pain killers. Thank you Dr Vani.

James Amankwaah - Milton Keynes BACK PATIENT

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes last year. Someone recommended I visit Dr Vani. After a thorough Ayurvedic consultation,  I underwent Pancha karma, the detox therapy. After a few weeks my sugar labels stabilised and my Hba1c levels are alway under 40 for the past year. I’m extremely grateful to Dr Vani.

S.S - Canterbury DIABETES TYPE 1
I visited Dr Vani after having irregular periods. A month of detox and medication and I am back in balance. I feel more energised and I look great too.
Thanks to the amazing science of Ayurveda!
I heard of Dr Vani through a friend. I then decided to consult with her after I was found to have a 13cm fibroid in my uterus. The NHS gave me painkillers and suggested surgery within the next 3 months. I was devastated as I am young and still wanted to start  a family. After consulting with Dr Vani, I was prescribed Ayurvedic medicines.
After a month I went for my follow up consultation with the NHS consultant and to my surprise the fibroid was under 7cm. I avoided surgery and will continue Dr Vani’s medicine.

I was diagnosed by the NHS with a rare skin condition that left my skin oozing and in a bad state. Sores on my body that wouldn’t heal with steroids. I then met a friend who visited Dr Vani with diabetes and has been cured. She suggested I make an appointment. I am ever so grateful I did. Three months later I am completely cured!! I underwent rigorous Pancha Karma Therapy ( cleansing at a cellular level). I look and feel great!! 

I am now convinced of the power of Ayurveda. Many thanks to Dr Vani. I wish that she continues to help many people in her highly rewarding career. 😊


Our fertility journey had always been difficult. We struggled to conceive and when we did we suffered from multiple miscarriages. It had been over 4 years since the birth of our first child and we started to consider IVF but it didn’t sit right with us and then we were recommended Dr Vani. It was the best decision we made. Our beautiful baby girl was conceived naturally four to five months after starting treatment with Dr Vani. She was easy to talk to, understood what we were going through and knew exactly how do advise us going forward. We have since give birth to our beautiful baby girl and our family is now finally complete after 10 years of marriage. We are super grateful for Dr Vani’s help on this tough journey. We wish we had met her years ago. We will always remember her as the conduit for bringing our gift into this world! Dr Vani comes highly recommended.

Dr Vani is currently helping me with my hormonal imbalance issue which has resulted in irregular/heavy periods. She has been very helpful and explains the root causes along with the inner-workings of the female  system. Throughout my time with Dr Vani, she has been really supportive in helping me to understand the various options and takes her time to explain the treatments available. I would highly recommend her along with her treatments.
During my treatment my partner was diagnosed with an enlarged pancreas for which she was able to prescribe treatments, offering reassurance throughout and he has been given a clean bill of health following the latest scans.

Thought you’d like this one. Someone on our livery yard, who knows me quite well, said she has been wanting to ask me if I’ve had Botox in my face! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Everyone is telling me how well I look. Thanks so much Vani. Xx.


Hi Doctor Vani, hope you are well? Just wanted to update you that the skin issues have really improved, thanks to your treatment. 🙏 I did panchakarma around Easter, and the skin started to clear up straight away. Carrying on with the medicines now. I still get an occasional spot pop up but really minor and nothing like what was happening before. I even enrolled in swimming classes 😃 - so excited that I am able to do I as would have been worried about chlorine before. Blood tests are scheduled for end of this month, so will let you know the results. Thank you so much again for sorting me out - you are a miracle worker 🙏

28 March 2022. I am just reaching out because the new born daughter of one of my friend has got Hemangioma.
Doctors are giving her medication but I was wondering if there is anything we could do on the Ayurvedic side.
3 May 2022. I just wanted to let you know that the oil worked amazingly! The parents and I are so thankful for your guidance.